About us


Shivtei Israel was established by the God of Israel in Ottawa to:

-Proclaim Yeshua (Jesus) as Lord and Messiah to the People of Israel and the Gentiles.

-Celebrate Yeshua our Savior in spirit and truth.

-Worship Elohim (God), Jews and Gentiles together, as a One New Man

-Restore the Hebrew roots of our Faith.

-Restore the Tribes of Israel through the Messiah.

-Care for and heal the wounded, give hope to the captives and release the oppressed.

-Stand with Israel as a People and Nation and promote Israel’s responsibility to be an example to the world.

-Announce the salvation to Bnei Anussim or Sephardim  (Jews of the Inquisition).

-Celebrate the Biblical Festivals.

-Teach and encourage others about the Hebrew Roots of the Faith.


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